Monthly Archives: January 2017

Do you know Sloppiness, have you met him?

Mind the details. Success dictates every detail be scrutinized.   I had the opportunity to meet & visit with Michael Etzel, the founder and owner of Beaux Freres winery. He is an amazing man, who cares deeply about the details, he wouldn’t hire Sloppiness either. Sloppiness never accomplished much. When you first meet him, you […]

They can take everything from you.

Everything. They can steal, trick, borrow, beg, and take it all. Well, not everything. They can’t steal your memories. The time you share with friends and family, the time you invest in your kids and enjoy with your spouse. That time, those memories, are yours forever. No one can take them from you. Those memories […]

A friend sticks with you through thick and thin!

There are friends, and then there are “real” friends. Sometimes we mistakenly think that our friends are actually “real” friends. Then something happens. Something happens to challenge the core of the friendship, and the true colors are seen. The true colors are flowing high and proud on the flags of their actions. There’s nothing quite like […]

You might just die by these new rules… OR THRIVE!

Bottom line, the business world is changing… NO SCRATCH THAT, HAS ALREADY CHANGED… For the past 100 years, it was good enough to have a solid product, market it through traditional channels, sell some, have an outsourced customer service team at least acting as if they are… Want to read the rest? Visit my Micro […]

Push yourself through to your goal.

Goals are interesting beasts. They have a way of being both elusive and challenging. While difficult, goals are also healthy. Putting a “stake in the ground” to hold yourself accountable to accomplishing something important. It’s not only good practice but for many people essential to achieving what they want to accomplish. Virtually all successful people […]

About 290,000 hours to live

TIME IS SHORT   The average person will live 630,720 hours in their life. Most people sleep away 356,760 of those hours, which leaves only about 420,480 hours left to do EVERYTHING ELSE. That is not much. If you throw on that the average American will watch about 120K hours of FREAKING TELEVISION or movies […]

The best path is rarely easy or straight.

Roads are excellent, especially big flat multilane newly paved ones. Few obstacles, lots of room, nice shoulders in case of emergency.   Crooked, hilly, rocky, nasty paths, are not nice. It’s hard work traversing dangerous, difficult paths. Except those “difficult” paths are usually the best. They provide the memories, the most incredible views, and take […]

Embrace life with wonder & optimism.

It’s very easy to get caught in the “negative, glass half empty; we’re all gonna die so why does it even matter” mentality.   It’s human nature after all, and not only that, but our entire culture is programmed to look for share and comment on the most negative things in life. What kind of […]

Never forget when things were easy.

Life can get hard. If you have a heart beating in your chest, this is not new news to you. In fact, as you know, life can pretty much SUCK a lot of the time.   It’s easy to get caught up in the business of daily living, and loose sight of the reason you […]

Never Stop

Never stop innovatingNever stop believingNever stop tryingNever stop getting up after fallingNever stop pursuingNever stop learningNever stop caringNever stop building relationshipsNever stop forgiving Never STOP The easy path is to stop, just don’t do it anymore. After all who could blame you, after everything you have been through. No one would hold it against you; […]