Monthly Archives: April 2017

Leadership is a lonely path and only for very few

There’s a freaking LOT of #leadership stuff out there. Mostly shallow advice from people with a lot of social media energy, but very little real leadership experience.  Leadership is not just being a boss or being first at something. True “leadership” is a much much deeper; it’s about impact, it’s about showing the way, leading, […]

Make your priorities match your goals

The tyranny of our busy world usually dictates a set of priorities. Stuff that needs to be done ASAP. “Things,” these urgent tasks and responsibilities, rarely if ever align with our long-term goals and objectives.  They just don’t.  They don’t align, and they don’t care at all what you want or need long term.  They […]

Take care while finding your path

It’s a scary world out there alright. Downright frightening. There are a lot of reasons to be fearful for sure, fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of being found foolish, or fear of rejection. ALL common; ALL not valid. Oh well sure, you may fail or look foolish, that could happen. It just […]

We need less patience and more action

My entire life I’ve heard “Chris you need more patience.” Frankly, we do not need more patience. We need more action. More patience has caused us to have a failing economy with national debt and liabilities of over 100 trillion. ( don’t believe me? see >> More patience has caused us to have a […]

Find peace through endurance

Generally speaking, we miss it today. We “miss” peace. We miss the opportunity to be “at” peace. Not just with others but with ourselves, with our purpose, our existence. Let’s face it; we are an anxiety driven society, a guilt driving society.  Fear and anxiety drive everything from what school we attend, to who we […]

Eyes forward. Keep pushing.

Distractions are everywhere, doing their best to interfere with your well-laid plans. There are times when the correct action is to put your head down, maybe even put in some headphones with your best “get to it” playlist, tune out the world around you and get stuff done.  It’s during these time when it seems […]


The possibilities are endless. They really are. We live in a time in history when unlike any other time “anything” is possible. Why do so few take advantage of it? Why do so few do something remarkable? A couple of reasons really; first off, it’s more comfortable to NOT. To not do anything hard, risky, […]

Life’s quick, carefully choose who you spend it with

There are about 7 billion people wandering around this earth these days. A lot of them are pretty of cool no doubt, and if you’re lucky, you’re gonna have a nice life maybe live into your 80s or 90s or even beyond, and you’ll get to spend it with a select few of those 7 […]

When life grinds you down, stand tall and firm on your convictions

It’s the most important when it’s the most difficult. When you’re tired. When you’ve had enough, and you’re at the end of your rope.  It’s these times when men are crafted from boys. It’s these times when future victories foundations are laid. It takes courage. It takes stamina. It takes an unreasonable amount of dedication […]

Just over the horizon.

It’s so very often just over the horizon.  Your finish line. The realization of your goal, your hard work. You can’t realize it though unless you press on. You can’t archive it unless you finish what you started.  You’re close, but you’re not finished, not yet.  Most of the world stops short of success. They […]