Monthly Archives: May 2017

Keep priorities where they belong, first ones first.

So many competing priorities. So many conflicts. So many things screaming at you every day “I’m the most important, do me next.” You really should spend more time at work to get ahead.You really should spend more time volunteering.You really should spend more money on charities.You really should spend more time with your spouse.You really […]

Step out in faith

So few, so very few step out in faith.Past their comfort zones, past what’s expected, past what’s reasonable. Most often they get burned, those that step out. Usually, they take the leap and fall flat on their face. Sometimes though, they fly, sometimes they take the leap, spread their wings and lift off the ground; […]

Take time to breathe in all life has to offer!

We are busier than we have ever been.We love being busy.We are proud of our busy. Up early, no time for breakfast, off to the office. 10 hours straight of meetings, calls, whatever.Hit the clock, out the door, sit in traffic. Get home, grab little Johnny, get back into the car, soccer practice you know.Grocery store, post […]

Life needs not be so complicated

We have a “way” don’t we? A way of taking even the simplest things in life and “complicating” them to the point of difficulty and struggle.  Why do we do this? Why do we take beautifully simple things and make them hard? Why do we brush off simple joys in life as nonimportant, or not […]

Reach beyond what’s easy

It’s right there. The easy choice is always right there, ready to be grasped. It always seems to present itself as the obvious choice, the easy choice, which for many makes it the “right choice.” Except it’s rarely the best choice. Sometimes yes, the easy choice IS the right choice, but it’s not often.  Starting […]

Find your purpose hidden deep inside and embrace it

It’s hard to find. It’s clouded by perception. It’s looked over by comparison. It’s missed by distraction. It’s passed over by misunderstanding.  We don’t look inside to understand our purpose.  We look outside; we look at our neighbors, our devices, our televisions.  We measure ourselves to standards of fake posts from perfect lives. We evaluate […]

Sometimes what feels like a step backward is actually the way forward

There are times in life when you WISH the phrase “one step back two steps forward” was true.  Often it’s more like one step forward, 436 steps backward. Our lives are full of examples of things not going smoothly.  When “life” itself is messy and difficult without explanation. Right perspective is impossible in the moment. […]

Answers to tough questions are often found while pondering majesty

Do you take the time to stare off into the distance and wonder? Do you ever just sit, think, ponder, and breathe? Over the last few years, I have realized a pretty significant lack of my personal ability to sit and do nothing. It’s not in my nature; I don’t work that way, and not […]

Truth, it’s a patient beast, one with such strength and persistence it always arrives victorious

There are very few things that last forever, very few. Truth lasts forever. Once truth exists, it always exists, it never becomes untrue.  (yes yes, I sometimes know context or situations change i.e. it’s true your not low on gas in the car today, but after a week of driving that is no longer true).  […]

Going through darkness allows us to see how bright the light actually is

Everyone must go through the struggle at some point. Regardless of privilege, wealth, gender, race, or age. Everyone goes through dark times in their life.  It’s part of the human condition. It’s part of what brings us together.  The dark times. We learn a lot, grow a lot, our wisdom matures and develops. Dark hard […]