Monthly Archives: July 2017

Strength is often hidden deep down in the places we least expect to find it

It always happens, you’ll be right there in the thick of it and without warning cutting corners will start to “seem smart.” Fudging the truth will seem to be the right path. Situations will arise that will cause you to consider a path out that disregards the ethical ground you were certain of previously.

Find THE one, keep her, cherish her. Alice Behnke is my differentiator.

All that to say we need others, we need people around us to prop us up in our weak areas, to look us in the eye and tell us we’re wrong when we’re wrong. We need other humans to share the success and the failures with. 

Reward yourself with the simplicities of life!

Would that be so bad? Would it be that terrible to slow down a bit, and just enjoy the people you love and that love you? Would it kill you to invest a tad more time just talking with them, learning about them, and discovering life together?

It’s the size of your dreams that matter

By not even trying you are guaranteeing your failure. 

That failure is hidden, never seen, which is why it’s just an attractive option. Even though it’s not seen, it’s failure just the same. 

Stand high and strong in your convictions

When was the last time you saw someone fight the good fight just because it was the right thing to do? When was the last time YOU fought the good fight just because it was the right thing to do?