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Relationships are to be handled gently and with grace

So what then? Should you then stay “surface,” stay social media digital fake, happy smiles kind of relationships? I say no. I say for sure absolutely NO.

They’re always watching

It’s our responsibility to make sure they have an opportunity to really learn that from us.

Trust… Invest very carefully in others, but still invest and often.

Despite the fact that so many people are basically out to screw you, YOU still NEED them.

Sometimes when it’s the coldest you make the warmest memories.

You know what, it’s up to you, so if you’re miserable you only have yourself to blame, for me, I choose to make amazing warm memories regardless of the dark cold situations I find myself in.

Learn to feel and express gratitude

Hard work, struggle, toil and the trials that just come along with being human are all part of what actually makes us human. If you take those struggles away you begin to erode the very nature of who we are as people.

Shine light into the corners of your doubt.

What would you do, what could you accomplish, how would your life be different?

Size is a poor indication of ambition.

What would it look like if more of us were like 9 year olds. If we didn’t worry so much about what others thought, what our parents would think, what would happen if we failed to deliver on what we set to do.

Sometimes you just gotta laugh!

What would happen if the next time you found yourself in a seriously crappy situation if you took a step back, realized that no matter how bad the situation was that it would pass, you would get over it, and you would be ok.

Envision what could be.

We live in a world built on purpose to distract you, cause you to be dissatisfied with your life, so you’ll feel sorry for yourself, relinquish control, and spend money and remain complacent.