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Writing time with this angel in the warm spring sun.

The older I get the more I realize some of the most simple things in life are the most profound. I guess that’s wisdom being developed over a lifetime of hard work, hard tries, and hard mistakes.

So much to be done while everyone else is still asleep.


Most people stay up late watching TV. In fact, the average American watches just over 5 hours of television PER DAY.

Yea, you read that right. 5 hours. 

That’s about 76 DAYS of television per YEAR. Yea, serious, check the math.

Don’t lose sight of the beginning

Everyone starts for a reason. Everyone has a vision, a purpose, a mission when they begin.  Journeys are long though, they have a way of causing forgetfulness. They have a way of distracting us with the mundane to the point where we very easily forget entirely why we began altogether.  It’s so important to always […]

Hustling? Make sure and take in the view!

It’s hard work getting something off the ground. It’s hard work getting your idea from “idea” to “real business” then “profitable real business”. It takes HUSTLE. That’s the buzzword for 2017 anyway. Wow, I see a zillion posts on Instagram and Twitter #hustle this and #hustle that. Yep, it’s not wrong really, to take your […]


It’s gonna hit ya in the face, and it’s gonna hit HARD. You’re probably not gonna be ready, you won’t be prepared, and you’re probably going to be a little shocked when it happens. Life Life has a habit of whacking you in face when you least expect it. You’re cruising a long in life […]

Push yourself through to your goal.

Goals are interesting beasts. They have a way of being both elusive and challenging. While difficult, goals are also healthy. Putting a “stake in the ground” to hold yourself accountable to accomplishing something important. It’s not only good practice but for many people essential to achieving what they want to accomplish. Virtually all successful people […]

Kids; adults in training

I look around at my struggling peers, trying to keep it all together, hating the life they have made for themselves, working in jobs they hate, living with children they can’t stand.