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Happiness is most elusive when made into a goal.

Find your purpose, embrace it, live it, have faith in it, and find your happiness. 

Embrace wisdom from life’s experiences.

Those experiences both bad and good will always have a radical impact on who you are. 

#Risk little with #investments, risk some with #business, and risk greatly with #relationships

People are flawed creatures, we all don’t want this to be true about ourselves, yet true it remains. 

Ready. Set. Go!

So yea, I AM serious, get up right now and take that next step, no matter how big, how small, or how scary it is. 

Eagerly anticipating amazingness.

If someone looked at your day to day actions would they come to the conclusion you’re headed in the direction you say you’re headed?

The grass isn’t actually any greener.

Trust me, it might look greener over there, but it’s not. If you look closer you’ll see that your grass is actually pretty darn green, and you know what, it’s YOUR grass.

Loyalty is a under appreciated quality.

What we need is loyalty. Loyalty to one another, to know without a doubt that we have each other’s back, that we care about one another, dare I say we even love one another.

Always ready for an adventure with a good friend

Why? Why have we disconnected so much in our ultra connected world? What happened to breakfast with a buddy, or road trips with friends?

Never be afraid to take the leap!

Sure you’re gonna tell me how you’re different, how YOU will be the one that doesn’t sit back and let fear control them. You’re gonna take the leap.

They’re always watching

It’s our responsibility to make sure they have an opportunity to really learn that from us.