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No one respects a “yes man.”

They don’t have their own thoughts, beliefs and opinions

Sometimes dropping a few balls is the path to getting the most done

Take an honest look at how you have spent the last 90 days, NOT how you intend on spending the next 90, but how you DID spend the previous 90.

Often times commitment gives you freedom

There must ALWAYS be boundaries, rules, borders that are well understood, but large enough and generous enough to allow for freedom. 

Challenge the status quo

Sometimes action needs to be taken, at times the world is waiting for just the right moment, for YOU to do something that upsets the status quo.

Slow your pace, it’s a long road baby, one that should be enjoyed.

With no effort at all, we can slip into the worn patterns of sacrificing what we care about most to the drive we need to success and impact. 

Appearances often disguise true character.

The trouble is they convince so many; their words are woven together in a way that sounds so darn convincing. Like the sirens from the old sea tales, you can’t listen to the words, you will be deceived. 

Let your imagination run with the wind

Let’s all get back to a time when we believed we could do anything, because you know what, you just might.

Never let the sun go down without accomplishing what’s most important

It’s so important to know what needs to be done, to know what HAS to be done and can’t be pushed. A lot of the time, these things are not the most pressing, not the most urgent, not the most obvious.

Focus on priorities

Maybe you’re dialed in and spending your most precious resource right in line with what you say are your highest priorities, or maybe not. 

Take time to gaze off into the sunset with the ones you truly care about.

We have lost sight of what’s important. We have replaced real relationships with “social media” ones. We have replaced real friendships with “who do I need to know” relationships.
We have sacrificed our professional lives to the “get ahead at all costs” approach.