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Innovation and idea creation often require peace and quiet.

Often, innovation and idea creation require peace and quiet, make sure you’re giving your brain enough of that to do it’s the best work. 

Some days the best solution is to just go for a nice bike ride.

Get your head on straight today, take a break, and prepare your mind to hit the ground running tomorrow. You’ll thank yourself. 

Some days require stillness, some require action. Do not confuse the two.

Silence, quiet, stillness, meditation, thinking. Making space for mind to wander and think, with no stimulation, no input, no phone calls, no emails, texts, chats, or messages. Time to just process it’s own thoughts.

They’re always watching

It’s our responsibility to make sure they have an opportunity to really learn that from us.

Sometimes you just gotta laugh!

What would happen if the next time you found yourself in a seriously crappy situation if you took a step back, realized that no matter how bad the situation was that it would pass, you would get over it, and you would be ok.

Envision what could be.

We live in a world built on purpose to distract you, cause you to be dissatisfied with your life, so you’ll feel sorry for yourself, relinquish control, and spend money and remain complacent.

Writing time with this angel in the warm spring sun.

The older I get the more I realize some of the most simple things in life are the most profound. I guess that’s wisdom being developed over a lifetime of hard work, hard tries, and hard mistakes.

Each day brings new opportunities

If yesterday sucks, or even if day sucks, just realize that tomorrow is a new day. A day with a new opportunity to try again, and make different decisions.

There is no shortcut to experience; there is no shortcut to wisdom.

You can’t learn it in a book; you can’t be told it from someone else, you have to live it. AND here’s the most important part, you have to live it in a way that you are willing to learn, open to gain knowledge and wisdom.