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Opportunity is out there, you might have to dig a little to find it, but trust me, it’s there to be found.

There are opportunities all around us. Some are hidden in plain sight; others need to be dug out, clean up, maybe polished up a bit and discovered.

You won’t know what’s around the bend if you don’t travel the road. 

It’s much easier to stay safe and sound in our little comfort zones. 

You’ll always feel safe; you’ll always feel you’re in control, but you’ll always wonder what’s out there. You’ll never discover all that God has for you, all that’s possible, all that’s out there just around that next corner. 

Life needs not be so complicated

We have a “way” don’t we? A way of taking even the simplest things in life and “complicating” them to the point of difficulty and struggle.  Why do we do this? Why do we take beautifully simple things and make them hard? Why do we brush off simple joys in life as nonimportant, or not […]

Don’t lose sight of the beginning

Everyone starts for a reason. Everyone has a vision, a purpose, a mission when they begin.  Journeys are long though, they have a way of causing forgetfulness. They have a way of distracting us with the mundane to the point where we very easily forget entirely why we began altogether.  It’s so important to always […]

Adventures are meant to be risky, that’s why we call em adventures!

There’s an odd thing nowadays, people want a grand adventure with none of the risk. They want to travel to exotic places, start amazing companies, work in incredible non-profits, and change the world, and they want to do all that from the comfort of zero risk. Adventures by their very nature are risky. They would […]

Breathe deeply and press on.

Day after day, mile after mile. Life can get busy, DARN busy. In fact so many wear their busyness like a badge of honor.   Do you know why you do what you do? Is there a purpose behind the busy, behind the constant barrage of “stuff” that must be done? Take time to pause […]