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Often life gets so busy, so crazy, so overdone. 

Our culture prides itself in this “overdoneness,” which frankly is not good.  NOT good. To be more effective,  more efficient, to accomplish more, get ahead, rise above; we push, we strive, we “do“.  This effort will often cause a powerful short-term advantage, which is great and all but it’s not sustainable, it’s a short-term play […]


You know, most people out there work pretty hard. I bet you do. I bet you work pretty hard. I bet you’re not the type to sit around and do nothing, to sleep in for no reason everyday, and to get by with the least possible and not get fired. I think most of us […]

Embrace Truth Through Strength.

It’s gonna happen. At some point it’s gonna happen. Business will kick you right in the balls. HARD. You’re gonna face a situation where the “easy” path will not be the “right” path. You’re gonna even get advice to do something that actually makes sense but is not “right.” You’re going to evaluate your options, and there […]