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Every so often time seems to stand still

It’s time we stopped and smelled the roses. It’s time we slowed down a bit and watched the world around us. It’s time we took a bit more care and paid a bit more attention to the people we care most about. It’s time we took the time to stop, think, and ponder about life all its mysteries, and all its wonder. 

Only time will tell

If you’re like me, you worry far too much, far too often.  Worry about the deals you’re working on, company finances, businesses you’re involved with, and the direction they are headed.  Worry about the relationships in your life.  Worry about finances, time passing too quickly, your family, your friends.  You worry about doing too much […]

It’s easy to drift. 

Stop making excuses start making the tough decisions. The most natural thing in the world is NOT to do what needs to be done.  It’s easier to procrastinate. It’s much simpler not to decide. It’s less painful to not take action. There is a time to pause for sure, for me, all too often I’m […]

Answers to tough questions are often found while pondering majesty

Do you take the time to stare off into the distance and wonder? Do you ever just sit, think, ponder, and breathe? Over the last few years, I have realized a pretty significant lack of my personal ability to sit and do nothing. It’s not in my nature; I don’t work that way, and not […]

Make your priorities match your goals

The tyranny of our busy world usually dictates a set of priorities. Stuff that needs to be done ASAP. “Things,” these urgent tasks and responsibilities, rarely if ever align with our long-term goals and objectives.  They just don’t.  They don’t align, and they don’t care at all what you want or need long term.  They […]


Life hits us with priority distracting craziness on an hourly, no minutely basis. Each little distraction is wrapped with a nice little bow and a tag that says “Hey, I’m really important, and awfully urgent, please pay attention to me, RIGHT NOW dangit” 1 out of 100 of those distractions are actually worthy of our […]

Take time to develop relationships that last.

Relationships are hard work. Really hard work. Investments really. No shortcuts, no silver bullets, no love at first sight. Relationships are little delicate slow growing trees. They need to be tended to, they need to be watered. They need to be encouraged and cared for in order to grow. Even with all the work, sometimes […]

Actually having teenagers doesn’t suck.

I’m not saying it’s not going to be hard though. “I freaking can’t WAIT until my kids are out of the house” she said with a serious look, the kind of look that you know you shouldn’t question. It was the same response I’ve gotten many times. Here’s another one, “How old are your kids?” […]

No matter what, don’t let them stop you.

How often do you listen. How often do you pay attention to the doubters, the naysayers. Do the haters influence you? Why? Why do you care what they think. Why does it bother you if they don’t believe in you, your vision, your dreams? They don’t know you know, they don’t know if you’re right […]

You might just die by these new rules… OR THRIVE!

Bottom line, the business world is changing… NO SCRATCH THAT, HAS ALREADY CHANGED… For the past 100 years, it was good enough to have a solid product, market it through traditional channels, sell some, have an outsourced customer service team at least acting as if they are… Want to read the rest? Visit my Micro […]