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Run onward towards your dreams

The unbridled optimism becomes something entirely different, “I think you need to be more realistic, maybe shoot for something a little more practical.” 

Why? Why should we run for our dreams when are 7, but just be practical when we are 37. Are our dreams no longer important, or were we just lied to when we were kids?

Embrace time passing

You know what? Despite all the I wouldn’t change a thing. I mean don’t get me wrong there are many things I wish I hadn’t done or hadn’t said, but all in all the good, the bad, the thick and thin are blended together to make me who I am. It’s a beautiful mess that makes me the person that I am today; uniquely and purposefully designed to do just what God needs me to do.

Endurance is underrated

Business is brutal, starting a business even more so. It all looks easy sketched out on a napkin over a late dinner. However, the reality of building a business is far more difficult and far more demanding than the spreadsheets and bubble charts will ever show. 

Persistence is the single most important differentiator between success and failure. 

Hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year.  It’s hard, freaking hard to keep going day after day when things are hard when you’ve hit the inevitable desert of your journey. The natural most common thing is to give up, just quit, throw in the towel.  No one will hold it […]

Adventures are meant to be risky, that’s why we call em adventures!

There’s an odd thing nowadays, people want a grand adventure with none of the risk. They want to travel to exotic places, start amazing companies, work in incredible non-profits, and change the world, and they want to do all that from the comfort of zero risk. Adventures by their very nature are risky. They would […]

Peace comes through the endurance of experience alone

Life has a way of getting to you. A way of stretching you thin, so thin your sure at any moment your entire existence will tear in two.  Peace is hard to find, hard to experience. Peace with the world around you, with your closest relationships, and especially with yourself. It’s all too easy to […]

Find peace through endurance

Generally speaking, we miss it today. We “miss” peace. We miss the opportunity to be “at” peace. Not just with others but with ourselves, with our purpose, our existence. Let’s face it; we are an anxiety driven society, a guilt driving society.  Fear and anxiety drive everything from what school we attend, to who we […]

Practice thankfulness daily

It’s easy to forget what you have to be thankful for. The context of day to day life makes it easy to overlook the wonderful blessings and privileges we enjoy. Every morning we get up, eat some breakfast, and rush off to another busy day. A day full of distractions. A day full of problems, […]

Breathe deeply and press on.

Day after day, mile after mile. Life can get busy, DARN busy. In fact so many wear their busyness like a badge of honor.   Do you know why you do what you do? Is there a purpose behind the busy, behind the constant barrage of “stuff” that must be done? Take time to pause […]