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Patience has such subtle power

Most people get to be powerful through very skillful use of 3 things. The first two are obvious: Hard Work & Strong Relationships. 

Never let the sun go down without accomplishing what’s most important

It’s so important to know what needs to be done, to know what HAS to be done and can’t be pushed. A lot of the time, these things are not the most pressing, not the most urgent, not the most obvious.

Strength is often hidden deep down in the places we least expect to find it

It always happens, you’ll be right there in the thick of it and without warning cutting corners will start to “seem smart.” Fudging the truth will seem to be the right path. Situations will arise that will cause you to consider a path out that disregards the ethical ground you were certain of previously.

Stand high and strong in your convictions

When was the last time you saw someone fight the good fight just because it was the right thing to do? When was the last time YOU fought the good fight just because it was the right thing to do?

Passionately proclaiming falsities as truth, doesn’t make them true.

There are some that really believe the crap they are selling. You know the type, TOTALLY full of it, AND actually, believing what they are saying.  Sometimes it’s simply a matter of saying it enough times that they start to believe it’s true.  Sometimes they are just a bit delusional and can’t differentiate between truth […]

Reach beyond what’s easy

It’s right there. The easy choice is always right there, ready to be grasped. It always seems to present itself as the obvious choice, the easy choice, which for many makes it the “right choice.” Except it’s rarely the best choice. Sometimes yes, the easy choice IS the right choice, but it’s not often.  Starting […]

Strength is often disguised as humbleness

Too often the humble seem weak. The “proud” types, the “overbearing” people, they get the credit for being strong. They get the kudos for pushing things forward and getting things done. We need that don’t get me wrong, we NEED people to stop talking and start doing, to GET IT FREAKING DONE! All too often […]

Trust is a fleeting life companion, seek truth and lean on that alone.

Blind trust, faith in your fellow man, belief in the good of people.  All foolishness in my experience.  I’ve worked in many industries, public companies, non-profits, religious, and secular, and I have found one nasty thing to be constant in just about every situation.  People will stab you in the back, screw you over, then […]

Leadership is a lonely path and only for very few

There’s a freaking LOT of #leadership stuff out there. Mostly shallow advice from people with a lot of social media energy, but very little real leadership experience.  Leadership is not just being a boss or being first at something. True “leadership” is a much much deeper; it’s about impact, it’s about showing the way, leading, […]

Just over the horizon.

It’s so very often just over the horizon.  Your finish line. The realization of your goal, your hard work. You can’t realize it though unless you press on. You can’t archive it unless you finish what you started.  You’re close, but you’re not finished, not yet.  Most of the world stops short of success. They […]