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Find your purpose hidden deep inside and embrace it

It’s hard to find. It’s clouded by perception. It’s looked over by comparison. It’s missed by distraction. It’s passed over by misunderstanding.  We don’t look inside to understand our purpose.  We look outside; we look at our neighbors, our devices, our televisions.  We measure ourselves to standards of fake posts from perfect lives. We evaluate […]

Legacy. Make sure what you spend your time on will matter.

8760. That’s it. That’s all the hours you get in 1 year. 8760 doesn’t seem like much. It probably doesn’t seem like much because it’s not. It’s not much time at all.  What’s worse if you spend 8 hours sleeping, and 8 hours working each day, that leaves you a measly 2920 hours left to […]


Life hits us with priority distracting craziness on an hourly, no minutely basis. Each little distraction is wrapped with a nice little bow and a tag that says “Hey, I’m really important, and awfully urgent, please pay attention to me, RIGHT NOW dangit” 1 out of 100 of those distractions are actually worthy of our […]

Take time to develop relationships that last.

Relationships are hard work. Really hard work. Investments really. No shortcuts, no silver bullets, no love at first sight. Relationships are little delicate slow growing trees. They need to be tended to, they need to be watered. They need to be encouraged and cared for in order to grow. Even with all the work, sometimes […]

Actually having teenagers doesn’t suck.

I’m not saying it’s not going to be hard though. “I freaking can’t WAIT until my kids are out of the house” she said with a serious look, the kind of look that you know you shouldn’t question. It was the same response I’ve gotten many times. Here’s another one, “How old are your kids?” […]

They can take everything from you.

Everything. They can steal, trick, borrow, beg, and take it all. Well, not everything. They can’t steal your memories. The time you share with friends and family, the time you invest in your kids and enjoy with your spouse. That time, those memories, are yours forever. No one can take them from you. Those memories […]