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So much to be done while everyone else is still asleep.


Most people stay up late watching TV. In fact, the average American watches just over 5 hours of television PER DAY.

Yea, you read that right. 5 hours. 

That’s about 76 DAYS of television per YEAR. Yea, serious, check the math.

Don’t lose sight of the beginning

Everyone starts for a reason. Everyone has a vision, a purpose, a mission when they begin.  Journeys are long though, they have a way of causing forgetfulness. They have a way of distracting us with the mundane to the point where we very easily forget entirely why we began altogether.  It’s so important to always […]

Keep your feet and on the ground AND your head in the clouds.

I believe that a person has every right, and frankly every responsibility to follow their dreams, aspirations, and passions.

Kids; adults in training

I look around at my struggling peers, trying to keep it all together, hating the life they have made for themselves, working in jobs they hate, living with children they can’t stand.