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The size of your vision is more relevant than the size of your person

Face it, we have been too lazy, too slow, too little belief in ourselves to do anything with our lives, and dang it, we don’t want anyone else to reach theirs either. If they do, it only makes it more apparent we gave up too soon, we didn’t try hard enough, or even at all.

It’s the size of your dreams that matter

By not even trying you are guaranteeing your failure. 

That failure is hidden, never seen, which is why it’s just an attractive option. Even though it’s not seen, it’s failure just the same. 

Run onward towards your dreams

The unbridled optimism becomes something entirely different, “I think you need to be more realistic, maybe shoot for something a little more practical.” 

Why? Why should we run for our dreams when are 7, but just be practical when we are 37. Are our dreams no longer important, or were we just lied to when we were kids?

Trust your gut, don’t lose faith, press onward

Make sure your roots are not shallow. Make sure you know your why. Make sure you spend the time investing in the relationships that matter, the ones that will last. They are gonna come. They are gonna come HARD. The haters, the doubters, the naysayers. The don’t want you to succeed. Many of them will […]

Find light in the darkness.

If you’ve been around this green earth for long, you know that life gets dark. Typically when you least expect it or are least prepared to deal with it. It gets hard; it gets dark. Very dark. In the last 25 years, I have hard some dark times. I have had the experience of being […]

System Reset – You’re Drifting, get on track

Focus. It’s so critical. It’s so essential. It’s so obvious. It’s also so overlooked. Focus is not just overlooked, but often entirely dismissed! So much effort spent on #Hustle #Passion #Energy #Drive #Ambition. Do you know what you’re hustling for, do you know what all the drive, passion, and ambition is even about? I have […]

No matter what, don’t let them stop you.

How often do you listen. How often do you pay attention to the doubters, the naysayers. Do the haters influence you? Why? Why do you care what they think. Why does it bother you if they don’t believe in you, your vision, your dreams? They don’t know you know, they don’t know if you’re right […]

Keep your feet and on the ground AND your head in the clouds.

I believe that a person has every right, and frankly every responsibility to follow their dreams, aspirations, and passions.