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Make sure you’re always learning from your past.

It’s a truism of the human race that as you trudge through life you’re going to struggle. You will. You’ll have good days, yep for sure, and I hope you have a lot of them. Even those of us blessed with lots of great days, still, have many many difficult ones. It’s an undeniable part […]

Embrace time passing

You know what? Despite all the I wouldn’t change a thing. I mean don’t get me wrong there are many things I wish I hadn’t done or hadn’t said, but all in all the good, the bad, the thick and thin are blended together to make me who I am. It’s a beautiful mess that makes me the person that I am today; uniquely and purposefully designed to do just what God needs me to do.

Learn from trials and embrace the good times.

Most of us hit about four years old and start to realize not everything is going to go our way in this life. The brutal slow realization that the world just isn’t fair begins to set in, and it sucks.  At that early age, we start to get a taste for the trials we are […]

Rise through the trials.

You have two options, make moves or make excuses.  Every single person on this earth no matter where they are born, what the color of their skin is, what socioeconomic status they have; WILL have trials in life.  Yes, some will have more struggles than others, but as humans, we share the common reality of […]

Peace comes through the endurance of experience alone

Life has a way of getting to you. A way of stretching you thin, so thin your sure at any moment your entire existence will tear in two.  Peace is hard to find, hard to experience. Peace with the world around you, with your closest relationships, and especially with yourself. It’s all too easy to […]

If it’s worth doing it will be hard, if it’s not hard, then it’s probably not worth doing.

Yes, of course, there are exceptions, but the overwhelming rule I have come to learn is that all things that are important and good, are hard. Really hard. They just are, which is why so few do them, the hard things. Why so few risk, stick their necks out and struggle to make a difference. […]

The time to “push harder” is most important when it’s “hardest to push”

Why our world is setup in a way where the most difficult times require the most difficult decisions I do not know. I do know that it does tend to work that way with most things in life. When you’re running a race, for example, it’s the most important to push harder when it’s hardest. […]