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Embrace the unexpected joy from the simple things

So often we are too busy to embrace the joy when we stumble upon it. We are too wrapped up in our 100 miles and hour 24 x 7 culture to stop, smell the roses, and embrace the joy. 

We need more joy in the world. YOU need more joy in your life. 

Life needs not be so complicated

We have a “way” don’t we? A way of taking even the simplest things in life and “complicating” them to the point of difficulty and struggle.  Why do we do this? Why do we take beautifully simple things and make them hard? Why do we brush off simple joys in life as nonimportant, or not […]

Answers to tough questions are often found while pondering majesty

Do you take the time to stare off into the distance and wonder? Do you ever just sit, think, ponder, and breathe? Over the last few years, I have realized a pretty significant lack of my personal ability to sit and do nothing. It’s not in my nature; I don’t work that way, and not […]

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Don’t take yourself too seriously I think we all get just a little too serious too much of the time. As a culture, we need to step back, take a breath, and a freaking chill pill. Yes yes, there is time for seriousness. Time for down and dirty get it done serious work. That’s not […]