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What’s around the next corner?

There’s really no way of knowing what’s really around that next corner. You have to go down the road and around it to know for sure.  To experience the unknown and make it known.  The reality of life is that every corner is a hidden mystery, an opportunity, or a problem, a failure, or a […]

Refuse to let your fears lock you out

Fear runs the world. Countries stockpile weapons, families stockpile food, companies stockpile cash, people miss opportunities, they don’t take chances, and just about everyone worries about many things out of their control >> ALL BECAUSE OF FEAR. Why? Fear is one of the most powerful “drivers of people” that exists. Every single day fear is […]

Find peace through endurance

Generally speaking, we miss it today. We “miss” peace. We miss the opportunity to be “at” peace. Not just with others but with ourselves, with our purpose, our existence. Let’s face it; we are an anxiety driven society, a guilt driving society.  Fear and anxiety drive everything from what school we attend, to who we […]

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Don’t take yourself too seriously I think we all get just a little too serious too much of the time. As a culture, we need to step back, take a breath, and a freaking chill pill. Yes yes, there is time for seriousness. Time for down and dirty get it done serious work. That’s not […]


You know, most people out there work pretty hard. I bet you do. I bet you work pretty hard. I bet you’re not the type to sit around and do nothing, to sleep in for no reason everyday, and to get by with the least possible and not get fired. I think most of us […]

When others are sleeping, GET IT DONE.

Early mornings are powerful. In the US only 1 in 5 is awake at 5:30am. Only 8 out of 100 are up at 5:00am. 8 freaking people that’s it. In a sense that’s your competition. If you typically get up at 7:00 and but instead you shift your day to 5:00 you will effectively be […]

Enjoy the simply mysteries

You don’t have to have it all figured out you know. You don’t have to have all the answers all the time. Life is complex, there’s a lot out there that you simply can’t explain, you simply can’t predict, and you’ll never understand. That’s ok. It’s ok, to not have everything figured out, in fact, it’s […]

Do you know your why?

Do you know why? Do you know why you push when others quit? Do you know why you believe when the world doubts? Do you know why you strive so hard?   So many push and push and push and push, until they get where they are headed. The trouble is they don’t know why […]