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Patience has such subtle power

Most people get to be powerful through very skillful use of 3 things. The first two are obvious: Hard Work & Strong Relationships. 

Never let the sun go down without accomplishing what’s most important

It’s so important to know what needs to be done, to know what HAS to be done and can’t be pushed. A lot of the time, these things are not the most pressing, not the most urgent, not the most obvious.

Opportunity is out there, you might have to dig a little to find it, but trust me, it’s there to be found.

There are opportunities all around us. Some are hidden in plain sight; others need to be dug out, clean up, maybe polished up a bit and discovered.

Don’t let the common culture cloud your vision

So few people actually know who they really are, even if they didn’t want to copy the rest of the world and do their own thing, they don’t know what their own thing is. 

Leadership is a lonely path for the brave few.

What I have learned though, is the glorified, puffed up, sexy version of leadership we see written about in popular books, blog posts, and Ted talks is NOT a realistic reflection on the real gritty reality of the trenches of leadership. 

Leadership is a lonely path and only for very few

There’s a freaking LOT of #leadership stuff out there. Mostly shallow advice from people with a lot of social media energy, but very little real leadership experience.  Leadership is not just being a boss or being first at something. True “leadership” is a much much deeper; it’s about impact, it’s about showing the way, leading, […]