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Every so often time seems to stand still

It’s time we stopped and smelled the roses. It’s time we slowed down a bit and watched the world around us. It’s time we took a bit more care and paid a bit more attention to the people we care most about. It’s time we took the time to stop, think, and ponder about life all its mysteries, and all its wonder. 

Keep priorities where they belong, first ones first.

So many competing priorities. So many conflicts. So many things screaming at you every day “I’m the most important, do me next.” You really should spend more time at work to get ahead.You really should spend more time volunteering.You really should spend more money on charities.You really should spend more time with your spouse.You really […]

Time, instruction, & wisdom are some of the greatest gifts you can pass on

Work work work work. I’m going to work hard, put in the 60 – 70 hour weeks so I can earn money to provide the kind of life my kids deserve. The Kind of life I want them to have, the kind of life I didn’t have. I just need to put in the time […]