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Take time to develop relationships that last.

Relationships are hard work. Really hard work. Investments really. No shortcuts, no silver bullets, no love at first sight. Relationships are little delicate slow growing trees. They need to be tended to, they need to be watered. They need to be encouraged and cared for in order to grow. Even with all the work, sometimes […]

When others quit, leaders must push through.

The path of leadership is never straight. It’s never easy. It’s never the walk in the park that others think it is while watching from a distance. The thing about leadership is it’s lonely, darn lonely; and hard, darn hard. What’s worse than that is it’s often the leader’s responsibility to not show the real […]

Embrace life with wonder & optimism.

It’s very easy to get caught in the “negative, glass half empty; we’re all gonna die so why does it even matter” mentality.   It’s human nature after all, and not only that, but our entire culture is programmed to look for share and comment on the most negative things in life. What kind of […]