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The joy of curious anticipation

What would happen if we kept our dreams, worked our dreams, sought after our dreams, and no one was around to tell us we didn’t have a shot, that there was no way. 

There will always be times when the path isn’t clear. Faith will be your guide, and that’s actually just fine

Very few have had everything just handed to them.  Usually, even if it appears that someone has everything in their life together perfectly, just do just a little digging you’ll find just under the surface that we all struggle just the same. 

Don’t let the common culture cloud your vision

So few people actually know who they really are, even if they didn’t want to copy the rest of the world and do their own thing, they don’t know what their own thing is. 

Persistence is the single most important differentiator between success and failure. 

Hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year.  It’s hard, freaking hard to keep going day after day when things are hard when you’ve hit the inevitable desert of your journey. The natural most common thing is to give up, just quit, throw in the towel.  No one will hold it […]

Persistence and momentum.

These may be the two most important factors in the success of a business. They may also be two of the most overlooked, under-appreciated, and least praised factors. Momentum is critical to success, critical to sales, acquiring new clients, critical to the development of new software, new products, and innovation. There are few things as […]

Eyes forward. Keep pushing.

Distractions are everywhere, doing their best to interfere with your well-laid plans. There are times when the correct action is to put your head down, maybe even put in some headphones with your best “get to it” playlist, tune out the world around you and get stuff done.  It’s during these time when it seems […]