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What’s down that curious road?

Yes, again, there is a darn good chance things will not go perfectly, but guess what, that’s often the most valuable part of the adventure. You can never learn all the lessons you can learn than when you try to do something big, something scary. 

Sawyer (9) and I are cranking this morning!

Think about all the worthless crap you learned growing up in school. Think about all the things you WISH you would have been taught when you found yourself in the real world one day. 

This “real life” knowledge is so valuable, and 100% MISSED by the school system. 

Embrace the unexpected joy from the simple things

So often we are too busy to embrace the joy when we stumble upon it. We are too wrapped up in our 100 miles and hour 24 x 7 culture to stop, smell the roses, and embrace the joy. 

We need more joy in the world. YOU need more joy in your life. 

Don’t rush the calm.

Hurry up, hurry up! I need to freaking relax. I need to take a break, I need to rest.  We often find ourselves deep in the hypocrisy of speeding through rush hour traffic just so we can hurry up and relax, AS FAST AS POSSIBLY PLEASE. We live in a world of fast-paced, breakneck speed […]

Keep priorities where they belong, first ones first.

So many competing priorities. So many conflicts. So many things screaming at you every day “I’m the most important, do me next.” You really should spend more time at work to get ahead.You really should spend more time volunteering.You really should spend more money on charities.You really should spend more time with your spouse.You really […]

Find someone that makes the work worth it

There are a few that make it on their own; they strive, struggle, work, and persevere. Eventually they do “make it” whatever the heck that even means. They reach the top and achieve their goals, they did it. Alone, at the top with no one to celebrate with. Why? Leadership is a lonely enough road, […]

Life’s quick, carefully choose who you spend it with

There are about 7 billion people wandering around this earth these days. A lot of them are pretty of cool no doubt, and if you’re lucky, you’re gonna have a nice life maybe live into your 80s or 90s or even beyond, and you’ll get to spend it with a select few of those 7 […]