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Sometimes you just gotta drive over bridges in your path

Bridges connect us to people and places that would simply be out of reach otherwise. 

Bridges are sometimes scary though. They often represent a gateway to another place. A different place. A place where things are not familiar, not safe.

You won’t know what’s around the bend if you don’t travel the road. 

It’s much easier to stay safe and sound in our little comfort zones. 

You’ll always feel safe; you’ll always feel you’re in control, but you’ll always wonder what’s out there. You’ll never discover all that God has for you, all that’s possible, all that’s out there just around that next corner. 

What’s around the next corner?

There’s really no way of knowing what’s really around that next corner. You have to go down the road and around it to know for sure.  To experience the unknown and make it known.  The reality of life is that every corner is a hidden mystery, an opportunity, or a problem, a failure, or a […]

Step out in faith

So few, so very few step out in faith.Past their comfort zones, past what’s expected, past what’s reasonable. Most often they get burned, those that step out. Usually, they take the leap and fall flat on their face. Sometimes though, they fly, sometimes they take the leap, spread their wings and lift off the ground; […]

Refuse to let your fears lock you out

Fear runs the world. Countries stockpile weapons, families stockpile food, companies stockpile cash, people miss opportunities, they don’t take chances, and just about everyone worries about many things out of their control >> ALL BECAUSE OF FEAR. Why? Fear is one of the most powerful “drivers of people” that exists. Every single day fear is […]


The possibilities are endless. They really are. We live in a time in history when unlike any other time “anything” is possible. Why do so few take advantage of it? Why do so few do something remarkable? A couple of reasons really; first off, it’s more comfortable to NOT. To not do anything hard, risky, […]

Life’s quick, carefully choose who you spend it with

There are about 7 billion people wandering around this earth these days. A lot of them are pretty of cool no doubt, and if you’re lucky, you’re gonna have a nice life maybe live into your 80s or 90s or even beyond, and you’ll get to spend it with a select few of those 7 […]

Risk more than others think is safe, dream more than others think is practical

“Risk more than others think is safe, dream more than others think is practical.” — Howard Schulz This is such an incredible quote by the prolific founder of Starbucks. It’s both powerful, and true.  It hits me because of the profound reality of the statement.  “Risk more than others think is safe…” Getting anywhere in […]