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Our lives are bombarded every day with more, more, more, total sensory overload, our world is one in which anyone can shout their opinions from the roof tops, and proclaim it as fact. This creates a reactionary response.

What’s down that curious road?

Yes, again, there is a darn good chance things will not go perfectly, but guess what, that’s often the most valuable part of the adventure. You can never learn all the lessons you can learn than when you try to do something big, something scary. 

The path is never quite straight, which as it turns out, makes the journey that much more exciting!

Why even spend time planning? Why even make an effort. 

It’s been said fail to plan and you’re planning on failure. 

I love that, so true, I’ve lived it. 

It’s the size of your dreams that matter

By not even trying you are guaranteeing your failure. 

That failure is hidden, never seen, which is why it’s just an attractive option. Even though it’s not seen, it’s failure just the same. 

Adventures are meant to be risky, that’s why we call em adventures!

There’s an odd thing nowadays, people want a grand adventure with none of the risk. They want to travel to exotic places, start amazing companies, work in incredible non-profits, and change the world, and they want to do all that from the comfort of zero risk. Adventures by their very nature are risky. They would […]

The path onward is often not straight, and never easy

Why is this so true? Why is “two steps forward, one step backward”  the “way” of things? I think it’s because as humans we are kind of stubborn and daft.  We just are.  Look I’m sorry if you’re the one person that has it all together, doesn’t make mistakes in life, has everything they want, […]

Find them, treasure them.

I have been around the block ya know, this ain’t my first rodeo honey. What I have seen, what I have endured, what I have risen above has been hard. But it’s been good too. Not everything that is hard is good, but from my experience just about everything that’s good is hard, at least […]


You know the days when you’re really tired, you’re just wiped out from the difficulties of life. The times when your legs feel like mush, you’re not sure you can actually continue, but you’re not anywhere near the end. You’re overwhelmed, you’re under prepared, and under motivated. Things are not going well, and you have such […]

The best path is rarely easy or straight.

Roads are excellent, especially big flat multilane newly paved ones. Few obstacles, lots of room, nice shoulders in case of emergency.   Crooked, hilly, rocky, nasty paths, are not nice. It’s hard work traversing dangerous, difficult paths. Except those “difficult” paths are usually the best. They provide the memories, the most incredible views, and take […]