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Some of the very best places are far off the beaten path

It’s certain though that if you don’t try, you’ll for sure never get there, you’ll for sure never do anything worthwhile, or anything that really changes the world for the better.

At the breaking point, keep pressing, the second half is when you pass the quitters

I’ve run a lot of races over the years. All different kinds, everything from the 800-meter sprint to a 26.2-mile marathon. One thing remains true for the start of every single race I’ve ever run. There’s always a group of overzealous & inexperienced runners that break out in the first half of the run with […]

The time to “push harder” is most important when it’s “hardest to push”

Why our world is setup in a way where the most difficult times require the most difficult decisions I do not know. I do know that it does tend to work that way with most things in life. When you’re running a race, for example, it’s the most important to push harder when it’s hardest. […]