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Hold on tight

Maggie taking in the view of Central Oregon

There are currently about 7 billion people living today, about 107 billion (give or take a few billion) that have ever lived. That is A LOT of people. A LOT And every single one of them has loved, lived, struggled, triumphed and lost. JUST. LIKE. YOU. Not one of them got a free pass through […]

Strength is often hidden deep down in the places we least expect to find it

It always happens, you’ll be right there in the thick of it and without warning cutting corners will start to “seem smart.” Fudging the truth will seem to be the right path. Situations will arise that will cause you to consider a path out that disregards the ethical ground you were certain of previously.

Strength is often disguised as humbleness

Too often the humble seem weak. The “proud” types, the “overbearing” people, they get the credit for being strong. They get the kudos for pushing things forward and getting things done. We need that don’t get me wrong, we NEED people to stop talking and start doing, to GET IT FREAKING DONE! All too often […]

Kindness and truth are not weakness, but strength.

So often the harsh, unkind manipulative people are viewed as strong. They take, they push, they force their way.  It’s almost as if their sheer will is the cause for their desires to happen. Humbleness, kindness, truth, forgiveness; these are often viewed as weakness, seen as giving up and giving in. Ironic really. The very […]

Tenacity comes in many forms

Sometimes it bounds into action with certain force and attention. Other times it quietly progresses forward making undetected moves. Determined.  Unwavering.  Are you tenacious? Holding firm in your beliefs. Remaining steadfast through all the challenges.  Tenacity is what’s missing from so many, it’s what’s missing from those that are unwilling or unable to hold on […]