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Strength is often disguised as humbleness

Too often the humble seem weak. The “proud” types, the “overbearing” people, they get the credit for being strong. They get the kudos for pushing things forward and getting things done. We need that don’t get me wrong, we NEED people to stop talking and start doing, to GET IT FREAKING DONE! All too often […]

Kindness and truth are not weakness, but strength.

So often the harsh, unkind manipulative people are viewed as strong. They take, they push, they force their way.  It’s almost as if their sheer will is the cause for their desires to happen. Humbleness, kindness, truth, forgiveness; these are often viewed as weakness, seen as giving up and giving in. Ironic really. The very […]

Trust is a fleeting life companion, seek truth and lean on that alone.

Blind trust, faith in your fellow man, belief in the good of people.  All foolishness in my experience.  I’ve worked in many industries, public companies, non-profits, religious, and secular, and I have found one nasty thing to be constant in just about every situation.  People will stab you in the back, screw you over, then […]

When life grinds you down, stand tall and firm on your convictions

It’s the most important when it’s the most difficult. When you’re tired. When you’ve had enough, and you’re at the end of your rope.  It’s these times when men are crafted from boys. It’s these times when future victories foundations are laid. It takes courage. It takes stamina. It takes an unreasonable amount of dedication […]

Truth reveals itself in its own time

You can’t rush the discovery of truth; you can’t rush the exposure of what is, the revelation of past manipulation and imposter behaviors.  The cold reality of the truth is that it will expose itself in its own time, and in its way. It can’t be rushed; it also can’t be hindered. The truth is […]

Truth reveals itself in its own time

You can’t rush truth. It’s not bound by time. It’s not anxious or eager. It’s just truth. It is what it is, and it just IS. There aren’t many versions, there isn’t “your truth, and my truth” there is only truth, it is always just, always right, it has no feelings, no mercy. It’s just… […]