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Every so often time seems to stand still

It’s time we stopped and smelled the roses. It’s time we slowed down a bit and watched the world around us. It’s time we took a bit more care and paid a bit more attention to the people we care most about. It’s time we took the time to stop, think, and ponder about life all its mysteries, and all its wonder. 

Sometimes creativity comes while pondering majesty

It’s ironic for sure, in our grand efforts to invent things to help us save time, we have created so many little things that “TAKE” our time. Stealing that time for really important stuff as Facebook feeds, reality TV shows, and Pokemon Go.

So much to be done while everyone else is still asleep.


Most people stay up late watching TV. In fact, the average American watches just over 5 hours of television PER DAY.

Yea, you read that right. 5 hours. 

That’s about 76 DAYS of television per YEAR. Yea, serious, check the math.