Chris Behnke


Chris Behnke is a visionary entrepreneur, author, and founder dedicated to the principle of human flourishing. With a deep belief in the transformative power of understanding one’s core motivators, Chris developed the NEXUS Profile, a groundbreaking assessment tool designed to reveal the fundamental “why” behind an individual’s actions and preferences. His work aims to empower people in businesses, personal development, and relationships to achieve their fullest potential.

Throughout his dynamic career, Chris has launched over 15 businesses, varying from innovative health solutions to influential thought leadership platforms. His latest ventures focus on facilitating a profound understanding of individual identity through The Human Nexus, aiming to enhance personal and professional growth.

As an author, Chris has contributed significantly to the discourse on personal development and marriage with publications like “The NEXUS Profile Handbook” and “6 Essential Strategies For A Bulletproof Marriage.” These works reflect his commitment to applying biblical principles and deep psychological insights to strengthen relationships and individual self-awareness.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Chris is deeply involved in his community as the pastor of innovation at Eagle Mountain Apostolic Resource Center in Bend, Oregon. His leadership extends to serving on boards of various organizations, where he continues to influence development and growth.

Chris’s philosophy centers on the conviction that everyone is created with a purpose, advocating for a life of intentionality against the drift of existence. His innovative approach to problem-solving prioritizes understanding individual motivational drivers, ensuring solutions are deeply personalized and effective.

Outside of his professional life, Chris is an avid private pilot and outdoor enthusiast, cherishing time spent exploring and traveling with his family. Married to his high school sweetheart, Prudence, for nearly three decades, they share four children and co-host the TV show “Together We Build,” showcasing their commitment to family, faith, and community engagement.

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