Below are a few of the businesses I’m working on, or have recently been involved with.

Bend Scientific

The Crossroads of Science and Nature

Bend Scientific is a health product development company located in Bend Oregon.


Micro University

Practical Learning For Everyone. Everywhere.

Coming 2019


Biogenic Nutrition

Where Performance Meets Nutrition

Biogenic Nutrition is a health, nutrition, and supplement company.

We are INNOVATORS. We are not satisfied with the status quo, and we are driven to create the absolute BEST products for our customers, focusing in the area of performance, function, and nutrition.

We believe that a good business provides products and services that meet and exceed expectations of their customers. Our philosophy is derived out of the maxim “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We have taken this to heart in our clinical practice and feel that if we operate out of this value we are bound to achieve excellence.


I was one of 3 original co-founders of the company. The CEO, and “chief innovation genius” is Dr. Timothy Hyatt. Over the course of several years Dr. Hyatt developed our first product Equilibrate before we created the company Biogenic Nutrition.

Fit2B Studio

Changing Lives One Tummy At A Time

Fit2B Studio is an online gym in the form of a workout video library of around 200 workout videos including pilates, yoga, pre-natal, weights, tabata, functional cross training, stretching, ball workouts, relaxation, and more!


I was one of 2 original founders of the online studio in 2010. Since that time we have grown from startup to a real international player in the fitness space, having thousands of members in over 36 countries worldwide!

Pick Pocket Molly

Be Molly at out next Faire

Pick Pocket Molly is a women’s resale event. It is held two times per year. 10% of the profits from all Pick Pocket Molly events go to support organizations that help women & children.

From Alice; I love fashion and expressing myself through it. I am a woman that tries to not be excessively busy, and I want to help others while helping develop my own family. Pick Pocket Molly is one of the ways I’m doing just that. By hosting this “resale faire” for women, we can help others simplify their lives by cleaning out treasures that they no longer need. We can help others feel good about finding a great bargain, and we can all work together to help others by giving 10 percent of the profits to few charities that are are making very effective use of the resources they are given.


I was one of the 2 original co-founders. Currently, this company holds events a few times a year.

LEAD Above Media

Lead with Passion ON Purpose

Lead Above Media is a branding strategy & media company. We help individuals and companies become MORE relevant to their customers by leveraging their passions on purpose! We are highly focused on leveraging our proprietary process for media production, creation, and delivery for our amazing clients.

Lead Above has worked with companies in various industries including entertainment, psychology, fitness, non-profit, retail, and online. We help brands to best leverage their passion to build strategies with purpose.

Are you ready to transform your passion into purposeful planning?