Truth Lies & Compromised Media Ethics – VLOG the truth and reality of the coronavirus

Before making this video I researched about 20 sites, medical articles and so forth. However, as you can imagine, to keep this video as shoot as possible, I wanted to limit every topic out there regarding the COVID-19 situation. I might do more videos later, but I wanted to get this out right now to […]

Dance like you don’t care, it’s when you’ll discover your real moves.

The strong bony fingers of fear are far too often wrapped tightly around our throats. Long sharp nasty fingernails are digging into our necks. We can almost feel Fear?s grip tighten as we consider saying what needs to be said, do doing what needs to be done.

So we don’t, we stop, we pause, we shake in our boots. Fear’s grip tightens, and our will weakens.

Stand #resolute in your convictions.

When everything is going well it?s easy to see clearly, to develop strong convictions of right, wrong, left, right, up and down.? When the rocky times come is when things get a bit more complicated.? Be sure my friends, the ?rocky times? WILL come. If you?ve been alive for more than 5 years, you already […]

40 years, more incredible every day…

incredible adjective in??cred??i??ble | \ (?)in-?kre-d?-b?l Definition of incredible: too extraordinary and improbable to be believed. Incredible. There is simply no other word I could use to describe the journey we have been on together. It?s hard to believe it?s been 26 years of celebrating your incredible life Alice. I remember looking at you from […]

The climb up the mountain is very long and tedious, that’s ok…

We are not called to sit. We are not called to drift. We are not called to slide. We are made to struggle, to drive, to climb, to conquer. I believe that most people today are drifting through life. I have written about this many times, yet I keep feeling called to come back to […]

Being made perfect; the formula & solution of salvation.

People love formulas.? We just do, formulas make everything so neat and tidy.? Predictable. Three large scoops of ground dark roast = perfect pot of coffeeChange the oil in your car every 3000 miles = longer lasting carDrive 80 in 55 zone = get pulled over Etc.? The math works excellent when you’re making that […]

It’s ok to be alone sometimes, just remember…

Just remember, relationships are what matter most in this life. I see a growing trend in today?s culture. I see a generation of people that feel totally alone, with more friends than any other time in history.? The miracle of the internet has leveled the playing field. As of 2019 3.2 billion people have access […]

Foundations are Important

What is your life built on? What is the ?lens? that you look at everything ?through.? Building something that will last requires a firm well designed foundation. It doesn?t matter if you?re building a pyramid, skyscraper, house, or a?life. The Foundation is the most important part of building something that will last, building something that […]

It’s amazing who you can become if you’re purposeful with how you spend your time

There are just over 10,000 minutes every week.  On the one hand that kind of seems like a lot. I mean, what are you going to do with all those minutes, plenty to spare right! On the other hand, you have 10,000 min each week, you will never NEVER get a single one of those […]