4 Communication Secrets of Great Leaders

Leadership and communication go hand in hand. Whether you manage a small team, a large staff or an entire branch, your ability to effectively communicate can be the determining factor in the success of your project, department or business. Example is Everything There’s a reason the phrase “lead by example” comes up in most discussions […]

It?s time for men to be men.

It?s time. Frankly, it?s past time, way past time. Time for men to stand up and be men. Time for men to stand firm, stand strong, and be relentless. Not relentless in a manner of control and dominance, but relentless in the pursuit of what?s good and right and true. Relentless in the pursuit of […]

4 Toxic Behaviors that Strong Leaders Don’t Tolerate

Employees want to work in a positive environment where they feel respected. There are four toxic behaviors that you must stay on top of to ensure good employees don’t become miserable. They may eventually leave for another company if these problems aren’t addressed. Making Excuses Many new bosses make the mistake of accepting excuses too […]

Welcome 2019!

Well shoot dang, 2018 went by fast! It?s like you blink and it?s done. The older I get the more I realize how quickly life passes, how little time we really have, how important it is to take advantage of every single second we have here on this earth. Something we have been doing now […]