Gratitude is most often realized with consistent daily reflection.

It?s a funny thing you know, gratitude, an emotion, a feeling? A quick google search for the definition gets you: ?The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.? Hmm, I like that, ?the quality of being thankful.? That?s such a great way of putting it. It?s not about just […]

Without time for the mind to wander, very little innovation can occur.

Are you making the purposeful effort to clear your mind? Are you giving yourself permission to relax and let your mind wander? Over the years I have studied innovation. What it is, how to get it, how to teach it, how to become efficient in it. You know what I?ve discovered? At the end of […]

Find something you love, something that drives you

Chris Behnke working in the woods on a laptop :-)

It?s been said that if you do what you love you?ll never have to work a day in your life! I?ll agree that statement is a bit cliche, but the core of the message is spot on. The truth is that many of us slug out each day doing sucky work we hate. We live […]

Make sure you?re always learning from your past.

It?s a truism of the human race that as you trudge through life you?re going to struggle. You will. You?ll have good days, yep for sure, and I hope you have a lot of them. Even those of us blessed with lots of great days, still, have many many difficult ones. It?s an undeniable part […]

Every once in a while something genuinely incredible happens, often when least expected

Increadible view of the total solar eclipse in Central Oregon

Don?t miss it. Seriously, do NOT miss it. It?s so easy to miss the opportunity, all too often here and then gone in a second. BE READY. You want to take advantage of the opportunity you need to be ready, you need to work hard, you need to be diligent, and you need to be […]

Hold on tight

Maggie taking in the view of Central Oregon

There are currently about 7 billion people living today, about 107 billion (give or take a few billion) that have ever lived. That is A LOT of people. A LOT And every single one of them has loved, lived, struggled, triumphed and lost. JUST. LIKE. YOU. Not one of them got a free pass through […]

Wisdom is to be gained from learning from the past.

Oh yes, we love to read about the past, we love to watch a good TV show based on events from the past, we like to learn about it, but we don?t really learn FROM it. 

Time has no master and no agenda. It should always be respected but never feared.

What happens in our little slice of time makes all the difference. Time shouldn?t be feared; it should be leveraged. Time shouldn?t be feared; it should be embraced. 

Perspective can change your opinions, but it can never alter the truth.?

Perspective can change your opinions, but it can never alter truth. Truth remains steadfast and unwavering regardless of spin, manipulation, or culture.

Time is short.?

We let our days, weeks, and months fill up with stuff, and never spend the time, or make the investment into the relationships that matter most.