Playing it safe may be the riskiest move you make.

It pays off to play it safe right? You want to be careful not to be too edgy, not to be too aggressive, or too ?new school.?You can?t afford to offend people; I mean times are tough right? Now is NOT the time to take risks!! Right? WRONG! Playing it safe is the Riskiest Thing […]

Persistence delivers results.

It?s a funny thing, persistence. It?s the kind of thing that?s easy to overlook. After all, aren?t things like education and leadership qualities what give the entrepreneur his edge? Many factors contribute to an entrepreneur?s ability to succeed, education, life experience, and leadership qualities are indeed valuable, but nothing, NOTHING, beats persistence. Gone With the […]

Executives Guide ? 7 tips for eliminating stress

Unfortunately ?stress? is built into our modern culture. All the busyness of life, work, family, money, all adds up to what we, especially in the US call ?Stress.? Stress is the bodies response to changes or environmental influences that create demands mentally or physically. Contrary to popular belief not all ?stress? is bad. There are […]