Take a deep breath before the next difficult step.

Take a deep breath, then make your move. If you don?t, you?ll never succeed, guaranteed.

Being Your Kids Friends

It takes work, and the work comes when you want it the least. Right from the day you bring them home from the hospital. 

Remember your ?why.?

If you can?t answer your ?why? for you, for who you are, not your parent?s why, not your teachers why not your friends why. YOUR WHY. 

Can I get a few more distractions please

It?s time you stopped allowing marketing messages, social media feeds, tv shows, and the hollow words of critics stop you from making your best contribution to the world. 

Never doubt yourself, your tenacity or your purpose.

The truth is that you have a purpose, you have a reason to exist. You have gifts that should be shared with the world. 

The only way you’ll know is by taking the risk and putting in the effort

I might be wrong, maybe you literally have nothing to offer this world, I suppose that?s possible… but you and I both know that?s a load of crap. 

Innovation and idea creation often require peace and quiet.

Often, innovation and idea creation require peace and quiet, make sure you?re giving your brain enough of that to do it?s the best work. 

With a lot of passion and the imagination of a child just about anything is possible.

Let?s take those dreams and pair them with the resources, knowledge, wisdom, and energy of a passionate adult. Let?s remove our fears and embrace our vision of the world we want to make. 

Wake up in Rome… CHECK

Running in foreign cities at 5 am might not be your thing, but find out what is ‘your thing.’ Find out your best way to gain a new perspective, start doing it whenever and wherever possible. 

Age is rarely a sign of relevancy, but more often a sign of wisdom.

I want to fix this problem one relationship at a time, setting one example after another; you with me?