Core Identity Index – Research Control 3.68

Please take about 15 min and take this assessment.

There are 3 sections to this assessment. There are ONLY 45 questions, the entire assessment sould only take about 15 – 18 min.

In the first section you’ll be presented with 4 words for each question, please choose “two” words for each question and then move on. If you want to change your mind BEFORE you hit the next arrow you CAN but you’ll need to “unselect” one of your previous answers!

In the second section, you’ll choose ONE word, it’s very similar to the first section, but you’ll only have two words to chose from, and you’ll need to just choose 1 of them.

In the last section, you’ll need to choose two IDEAS from each question. Again, do not overthink this, just choose the two ideas that most resonate with you, there are NO wrong answers, just chose the one that feels the best.

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