Life is hard.
The life of an entrepreneur; doubly so. 

I’ve spent the last 20 years starting, building, selling, and helping businesses. Through that journey I have met a lot of amazing people, learned a ton of lessons and brother, I’ve made many many mistakes.

I have a passion to help others, to build businesses that make a difference. I don’t believe in doing things they way they’ve always been done, just cause they’ve always been done that way. 

Passion flows through my posts, my photography, the books I write, the videos I create, the courses I develop and most importantly the businesses I help. 

I have put together a collection of things I’ve written and paired that collection with short videos.

The idea behind the content is to teach, encourage, motivate, even hold accountable. This is it, this “injection” is the goods I feel so many. It’s the shot in the arm I needed and didn’t have. 

A kind of injection of sorts, an injection of the medicine we all need to keep our head above water, our priorities straight, and our flywheels spinning. 

Take a second and fill out the form and have YOUR weekly injections delivered right to your inbox or phone.


Chris Behnke


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