Strategic TEAM Breakthrough with Chris Behnke

Program Description

  • 60 Minute, 1-on-1 Fast Start and Implementation Call with Chris Behnke BEFORE the TEAM Alignment. This is YOUR time as the leader to fully dial in your vision and mission for the team so that we can tailor the TEAM Alignment to your particular needs. This is a critical differentiator with this program. The entire TEAM Alignment is built with a NEXUS Profile Understanding coupled with YOUR actual goals and objective for the team. 
  • 4 – 5 Hours With Team (Teams Up To 18) (19+, let’s discuss the best way to approach your situation.) IN PERSON. ( This can be done in person or over zoom; however, in-person has proven to be more effective). We come in with a solid understanding from YOU, the CEO or leader, in advance. The TEAM Alignment is then tailored to fit your particular team’s NEXUS profiles and tie into the overall objective you need as the leader.
    • 60 Minute, 1-on-1 POST TEAM Alignment Review. This is a very important debrief to review and strategize on the deep discoveries the NEXUS Profile and TEAM Alignment uncovered. This is another critical differentiator with this program.
  • Free FULL NEXUS Profiles for your team and leaders.
  • Custom TEAM Breakthrough Materials:
    • YOUR company branding in presentations and custom workbooks for all employees and leaders.
    • NEXUS Profile Handbooks for Leaders and Team.
    • ALL Scores in TEAM Dynamics Report.
    • TEAM Alignment Workbook with custom score graphics of team members.
    • Custom NEXUS Profile Alignment Report for every team member (they build this DURING the TEAM Alignment)
    • TEAM Matrix Document, Analysis of TEAM Strengths & Weaknesses according to a NEXUS Profile Understanding.


$11,500 + 2K for travel “typical for US travel, not needed if zoom” (Save $1500 for one payment).

$4333 per month for three months. (payment plan)

Application Process:

  1. Have a quick call with Chris to Identify Opportunity
  2. Make a fully-refundable $500 deposit
  3. Fill out a Confidential Application (Sent to you via email)
  4. 1-on-1 Assessment Call with Chris (based on your objectives, NEXUS Profile, and application)
  5. If you both agree the program is right, you’ll schedule initial calls and TEAM Alignment.

I’m READY; let’s chat and see what kinds of opportunities are available!