Here’s the “Grand” Plan

Day 1 – Friday the 8th (Boise, ID) 

339 Miles Driven

Hotel Stay

Leave early Friday morning, and head out to Painted Hills Oregon

Hangout there for a bit, then continue on to Boise, ID

Stand the night of 8th in Boise, ID

Day 2 – Saturday the 9th (Salt Lake City, UT)

340 Miles Driven

Hotel Stay

Leave Boise and hit the road

Day 3 – Sunday the 10th (Page, AZ)

386 Miles Driven

Hotel Stay

Day 4 – Monday the 11th (Page, AZ)

Rafting Trip

Hotel Stay

Day 5 – Tuesday the 12th (GC Cmpgnd)

138 Miles Driven

A few hours of driving

Hangout at the Grand Canyon

Day 6 – Wednesday the 13th (GC Cmpgnd)

Tour around Grand Canyon

Day 7 – Thursday the 14th (KOA in Moab)

324 Miles Driven

Get up pretty early, take off, take day to drive up.

Day 8 – Friday the 15th (KOA in Moab)

hangout, do stuff

Day 9 – Saturday the 16th (KOA in Moab

hangout, do stuff

Day 10 – Sunday the 17th (Twin Falls, ID)

454 miles driven

Hotel Stay

Day 11 – Monday the 18th (Bend, OR)

444 miles driven

Arrive Home

Bend to Page, AZ

Page, AZ to Grand Canyon Campground

Grand Canyon to Moab

Moab to Bend, OR