Binge watching.

This is a term. Yes, a real term, coined because it?s such a common practice, that it?s become part of our modern culture.

Binge watching.

Seriously, how much less purpose can someone have than to sit for hour after hour watching episode after episode of a show.

When someone doesn?t know why they do what they do, when they don?t know how they ended up in the job they have, or know why they live where they live, or married who they married, I call that ?drifting.?

Drifting; Floating through life with no real purpose or intent.

So much of our culture is defined by this very state of being, of drifting through life with no real sense of purpose.

Stop drifting.

You have a purpose, it may be lost right now, but deep down you can find it if you try, and we need you to. What you have to contribute to the world IS important.

Know the reason you work and do what you do. If you don?t know figure it out.

Then do it, do it with gusto and passion.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

So many drift through life living for the weekend, and their latest ?Netflix binge?. Know the reason you work and do what you do.

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