Most people I meet blame their circumstances on the world around them as if they have no influence on their circumstances.

This is crap.

Yes, there are some things out of your control, some things that might suppress you. Those are exceptions. They are horrible for sure, issues of justice are in the spotlight these days. Important for sure, but at the end of the day, they are again exceptions. We all have the same shot, we all have the 24 hours each day. We all, I mean all, have access to the limitless information on the internet, and we all have a voice on that same internet.

The decisions we have made and the ones we have yet to make are and will be a direct reflection of our lives.

I believe success is built from a blend of determination, skill, luck, persistence, effort, intelligence, timing, and momentum.

Only luck and intelligence are out of your control.

The rest are a direct result of the decisions you make. A direct result of your efforts.

Please don?t spend your time and effort complaining about how the ?world got you down.? Get off your ass, don?t give up, try again, and follow your passion.

Time is short, we have not guarantees in life, you get the same 24 hours as everyone else.



~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:?

Love taking trips like this with my tribe to #yosemite and still running my businesses in this makeshift office.

2 thoughts on “Freedom is your choice, no matter what happens; YOU choose.

  1. Kim says:

    Some are born under circumstances where they feel there is no hope. Your life will be as it is. But, some people of those same circumstances will not surrender to the given life but fight hard to make a better one. I was a child of circumstances, my 34-year-old mother became a widow while 7 months pregnant with 8 more children. By all rights, I could have been dead several times over, one by freezing to death in a home with no heat. You wake to see your fish frozen in his bowl beside your bed. Tainted well water that killed my baby sister before I was born. Living off our father’s social security we were always hungry the last two weeks of the month. The positive note is our mother was a strong woman, she kept all 9 of us and raised us with morals, cleanliness and to at all times be kind. We were taught to give the coat off our back if we saw a child without a coat. When I reached 18, I knew if I stayed in my hometown this would be my life. I left there but not without my skills of survival. I have plenty & live well but have learned that happiness is within you not in what you own. I never look to see what is missing in my life, I already see whatever I have is enough. I always wanted to be an author since I was a child, I finally became one in 2013.

    • Chris Behnke says:

      Kim, thank you so much for sharing. So many people just become a product of their circumstance, of their environment. It’s the normal way, but it’s not the best way.

      Hard work and perseverance are not always enough to pull one’s self out of the muck and mire, but they are a good start, and without them, you surely will never succeed.

      I grow so tired of people telling me they are just a simple product of their environment and there is nothing they can do to rectify their situation.

      You know what, get off your ass and try, worse case you’ll be right where you are, best case (and MUCH more likely) you’ll make your own life and circumstances MUCH MUCH better. Sounds like you have done that, SWEET!

      You should check out this site here I have running and submit for an interview, I think you would be amazing!

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