It?s 2017, and I?m about to turn 40. I have four kids that are 16, 13, 9, & 7.

I?m in the life stage where I?m supposed to ?hate teenagers? and desperately look forward to the day the last stinking kid graduates and moves the heck out!

Except I don?t, and I?m not.

I look around at my struggling peers, trying to keep it all together, hating the life they have made for themselves, working in jobs they hate, living with children they can?t stand.

It sucks.

But it doesn?t have to be that way. It?s often just a matter of perspective. Kids are not a burden to endure; they are adults in training.

They are the future leaders of our world; they will be taking the reins from us, and we better do a darn good job if we expect all the hard work we are investing to make a difference.

My kids are far from perfect to be sure; I look at the mistakes they make as investments, opportunities to learn, grow, and develop. I remind myself, how many mistakes I have made, and make on a daily basis.

Those mistakes are invaluable teaching lessons, not to be treated lightly; BUT they require time and effort, purposeful investment to be leveraged well.

Instead of watching just one more football game, why don?t you instead invest a little training into that miniature adult, because baby, it?s not gonna be too long before they?re no longer an ?adult in training?.

Your children are your opportunity for the future, your greatest chance of impacting the world.

Invest well.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Flying with my two oldest is always a blast, and the time is always a worthy investment.

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