Never stop innovating
Never stop believing
Never stop trying
Never stop getting up after falling
Never stop pursuing
Never stop learning
Never stop caring
Never stop building relationships
Never stop forgiving

Never STOP

The easy path is to stop, just don?t do it anymore. After all who could blame you, after everything you have been through. No one would hold it against you; no one would think less of you, or confront you. I mean really, you tried right, you gave it your best shot.

But you didn?t. You didn?t give it your best shot did you, I know this because if you did, you shouldn?t be trying to stop right now. There is a time to end, to stop, to pivot or to shut down, but it?s rarely the place where people do.

Challenge yourself, this year, when you might otherwise give up, this time. DON?T STOP and see what fruits come from it.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:


Set your sites, push hard, never stop.

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