It?s easy to sit back and coast. It?s easy to find a niche, get good, get comfortable, and drift.


In fact, it?s encouraged throughout our culture. ?Find what you?re good at, and stick to it!?

Breakthroughs don?t happen when we are drifting in our comfort zone. ?Get our of your comfort zone? is a popular and cliche thing to say, but counterintuitive to human nature. Everything in nature screams for us to ?get and STAY in that comfort zone.?

What if you broke the mold. What if you broke the ?normal? way and did your own thing. What if you saw, and took the chance and went on the journey.

There?s always a journey to be taken, and very few journeyers to go, the ones that do are the ones that change things. They are the ones that risk and in so doing make a difference. The brave, and the few that take the uncharted course, and forge a new path, and the ones that have the greatest shot and impact, the best chance of making a difference.

There?s always a journey, TAKE IT!


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

There?s always a journey to be taken.

Don?t miss the joy of being where you are right now.

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