The average person will live 630,720 hours in their life. Most people sleep away 356,760 of those hours, which leaves only about 420,480 hours left to do EVERYTHING ELSE.

That is not much. If you throw on that the average American will watch about 120K hours of FREAKING TELEVISION or movies in their life you?re only left with about 290K hours.

290K hours used up for things like working, playing, eating, commuting, surfing youtube.

290K thousand hours. In case you?re confused, that?s only about 12,372 days of ?real life? (not doing crap like watching tv) or sleeping. Again for you guys that are slow, that?s only 33 years of the 72 years you?ll probably live worth of actual LIFE.

33 years is not that much, less than half of your actual life, spent potentially doing something of value.

What to do about that? First of all, before you kick off that next Netflix binge, make darn sure you want to waste those precious few hours on House of Cards, or whatever. Is it that important?

I?m not saying you can?t relax and have fun but come on people the average American spends 33 hours of EACH WEEK watching television.

Freaking throw that toilet out and start living life.

You only have 420K hours, spend it wisely.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BNk_x3hAsG1/

TIME IS SHORT, enjoy the simple wonders, and keep your priorities straight.

Early morning flights are the best. #thisiswhyifly

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