Life can get hard. If you have a heart beating in your chest, this is not new news to you. In fact, as you know, life can pretty much SUCK a lot of the time.


It?s easy to get caught up in the business of daily living, and loose sight of the reason you started. You can quickly forget your whole plan, and even wonder why you?re even doing what you?re doing.

Why is that? Well for one, we as human beings are very easily distracted.


Things just have a way of getting in our face and demanding attention. It?s not all bad, but it?s certainly not all good either. Through all the distractions, business, and hustle of life, it?s critical to have a solid foundation on your why, to have a solid foundation from when ?life was just a little simpler.?

Remembering simple times provides context for the not so simple times. The Memories offer a bearing to understanding where you are headed. Without that foundation, without a clear picture of where you have been, you simply can?t understand the magnitude of where you are going.

Remember, never forget when things were easy.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Never forget when things were easy.

Life has a way of pushing us along, things become difficult; very quickly, and without warning. Never forget the times that were simple and easy, those times are your foundation, enjoy them.

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