There are friends, and then there are ?real? friends. Sometimes we mistakenly think that our friends are actually ?real? friends.

Then something happens.

Something happens to challenge the core of the friendship, and the true colors are seen. The true colors are flowing high and proud on the flags of their actions.

There?s nothing quite like ?difficult times? to expose who?s gonna be there for you and who?s not. It?s often shocking to see who will quickly stab you in the back at the slightest sign of trouble, and who will stick with you til the bitter end.

A friend sticks with you through thick and thin!

Are you going to persevere, are you going to stick with them all the way to the end? Remember those that helped you when were down, and make sure to be there for someone else when they need it most.

A real friend can save someone?s life during their darkest moment.

A ?real? friend sticks with you through thick and thin.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

My son?s dog Winston, love this little dog. You can tell a lot about your friends when things get tough. Make sure you choose the right people to build with!

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